C++ Today: The Beast is Back

Jon Kalb

Jon has been programming in C++ for more than twenty years. During the last two decades he has written C++ for Amazon, Apple, Dow Chemical, Intuit, Lotus, Microsoft, Netscape, Sun, Yahoo! and a number of companies that you’ve never heard of.

Jon programs the C++ Track of the Silicon Valley Code Camp, is co-chair of C++ Now (aka BoostCon), and the chair of the Boost Steering Committee.

Microsoft gave Jon their Most Valuable Professional award in 2014.

This talk will cover why engineers looking for performance choose C++. Jon will present an historical perspective of C++ focusing on what's going on in the C++ community right now and where the language and its user base is heading. With a renewed interest in performance for both data centers and mobile devices, and the success of open source software libraries, C++ is back and it is hot. This talk will explain why C++ is most software engineers' go-to language for performance. You will receive a rough historical sketch that puts C++ in perspective and covers its popularity ups and downs.

This talk is based, in part, on the book "C++ Today: The Beast is Back" published by O'Reilly.

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