105 STL Algorithms in Less Than an Hour

Jonathan Boccara

Jonathan Boccara is passionate about C++ and in particular about writing expressive code. For this reason he has dedicated his blog, Fluent C++, to this topic. Jonathan is a senior developer at Murex, where he works on large financial C++ codebases. He also gives trainings on C++ every day in his company, in the short format called "Dailies".

We are all aware that we should know the STL algorithms. Including them in our designs allows us to make our code more expressive and more robust. And sometimes, in a spectacular way.

But do you know your STL algorithms?

In this talk, you'll see the 105 algorithms that the STL currently has, including those added in C++11 and C++17. But more than just a listing, the point of this talk is to present the different groups of algorithms, the patterns they form in the STL, and how the algorithms relate together.

This kind of big picture is the best way I know to actually remember them all, and constitute a toolbox chock-full of ways to make our code more expressive and more robust.

Slides in pdf

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